Your primary care should treat headaches, not cause them.

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You shouldn’t have to compromise your health due to high costs and barriers to access. We offer affordable primary care that can save you thousands. 

Meet our doctors

Dr. Edo Paz, MD

VP, Medical, K Health

A graduate of Harvard and Columbia University Medical School, Dr. Paz is both a practicing internist and cardiologist.

Dr. Allon Mordel, MD

Medical Director, K Health

Dr. Mordel is an Emergency Medicine physician at Bellevue Hospital Center and NYU-Langone Medical Center where he was previously Chief Resident. 

Dr. Lee Herzog, MD

Medical Sciences, K Health

Dr. Herzog graduated summa cum laude from Princeton University and earned her M.D. from Mount Sinai Medical School.

Dr. Daniel Souroujon, MD

VP, Medical Sciences, K Health

After graduating with his MD from Tel Aviv University, Dr. Souroujon studied software engineering and went on to lead SAP dev teams at Gilat Satellite Networks.

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