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K is primary care how it should be—smart, fast, and free.

First, see how doctors diagnose people like you for free

Got a health concern? Chat with K to learn how thousands of doctors diagnosed and treated people like you with similar symptoms. Rather than worrying and waiting, get immediate answers you can trust to guide your healthcare decisions.

If needed, chat with a doctor for just $19 to get the care you need

Next, chat with a board-certified doctor to discuss treatment options. They’ll review your case, advise the best treatment plan, and prescribe medication or lab tests if necessary. 

But unlike traditional doctor visits, you can keep chatting with your doctor whenever you need to at no additional charge. Ask new questions as your symptoms change to get continuous care anytime you need it.

Get sick often? Get unlimited chats for the YEAR with your K Doctor for only $49.

“Free?? Can’t believe such an awesome app is free! As someone who is always googling symptoms, this is actually helpful and doesn’t lead you down a rabbit hold of despair. They also suggest seeing a doctor based on your symptoms, extremely helpful and convenient.” by Superfreak95

"I don’t have any health insurance and going to a doctor is too expensive and 90% of the time they don’t diagnose you right away. I use this app to give me an idea of what’s going on with me, if it’s something serious of course I would go to a doctor but if it’s something minor I would rather treat it at home." by Anna/$@

“An App Ahead of its time. Just successfully used K Health for the first time to get a prescription. The doctor online was very helpful and the prescreen through the bot made it a quick and efficient text conversation with the doctor. He was able to quickly diagnose me and send a prescription right away to the pharmacy next to me. I picked it up within the hour and am already feeling better. I can’t believe the process was so easy! Thank you K Health!” by CosetteRinab

Get the free app and find out how K works for you

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